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Happiness, Care, Love

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it’s 14th July tomorrow! Happy 3rd year anniversary to my babies! Thanks for sharing all your laughter and tears. Thank you for the support and motivation whenever i’m facing any obstacles! WELCOME TO THE 4TH YEAR OF OUR FRIENDSHIP! love ya! =)

The Script.

life is pain
life is patience
life is miserable
life is... i have too much to describe about life.
life is pain when good deed is not appreciated.
i realised that i prefer classes on rather than holidays without EOS for sure.

jus a random post.been procrastinating.had no one to talk to.

The Script.

sometimes i just wished that the next morning i wake up i'm still in high school. happily get to dad's car. waiting for friends. waking friend up for prefect meeting. smiles.laughters.
RATHER than being emotional, patient, depressed.

The Script.

Hari Raya

2010 hari raya is totally diff from the previous years
the feeling of someone is no longer anymore
miss the lemang u brought all the way from the north
miss the laughter during dinner
miss the outing
miss the smile n jokes
miss the care
miss the love
miss the togetherness
everything is different now
a lonesome raya..
gona make a big change
a special ocassion without u...

god bless!

The Script.

i wonder how does it feel like when you experience pain, blood and love.

The Script.

I am just being random. -Worldstage-

Oh yes! it's her..SoHeeeeeeeee...
Captured screen:p
Amanda n I
wai hoong's excited face
Jel n I
My tic!!! Its jus a normal one..>.<

31st July 2010, oh yea, i went to MTV Worldstage Live in Malaysia 2010. It was awesome but the weather was horrible. It has been raining non stop since it started. We were all in our raincoat. We went in late and we missed performance by bunkface. Nah, its ok. The next performance, OMG.. its wonder girls!! i scream n cheer! hooray :p finally i get to see their live! So long delays in between performance, ppl start booing due to technical probs i guess. followed by tokio hotel who performed like ergh.. so long... n then yes, miss kate perry who came out from a giant banana... :p so many ice creams n cakes on stage..yumm yumm im hungry... it was not the end... wonder girls appeared again.. oh yes! i got a more close up sight on them.. i was so excited.. but too tired already.. it was almost 2am when the last performance ended.

Im wai hoong for bringing jeleine and amanda along! :p


classes nowadays were a little less hectic. the number of subjects is still 8 n 2 of them do not have degree paper examination. its more towards student centered and im getting lazier. oh gawd! pls save me!

been trying to join more activities this semester since its the only semester we can enjoy.

The Script.

fullstop and pause

have you ever thought of spending your time 24hours with your friends when you are upset? my 4 babies are always in mind. i wish my life will be having lesser 'pause'. i hate making decision when 'pause' appears.

ah~ i had a lot of unpleasant dreams lately. i just dont want them to haunt me anymore. pls stop it. it. i need a 'fullstop'.

The Script.